[Al post op]

An excerpt from Celeste Neuhaus's experimental student documentary, focusing on Al Kohn's life and his time in post-op.

00:00Copy video clip URL Celeste Neuhaus talks to Al Kohn after his surgery. Al also talks to the nurse about a prescription for his eye and aftercare. 

05:27Copy video clip URL The nurse removes his IV and helps him get ready to leave.

11:04Copy video clip URL Celeste helps Al change into his clothes. He keeps thanking her for coming and telling her he will give her money for his prescriptions. He offers to buy her a sandwich as well.

21:24Copy video clip URL Al goes to the bathroom, while Celeste talks to the nurse about her studies and career plans. She then helps Al into a wheelchair.

28:03Copy video clip URL The nurse wheels Al out of the hospital. He tells her to stop by the store, saying “If you’re ever by 17th and Halsted, I got a small storefront there.” While they wait for the cab, Al offers to buy Celeste a sandwich again.

32:35Copy video clip URL Al and Celeste get into their cab to the storefront. He gives Celeste money for the prescriptions. 

35:31Copy video clip URL Celeste tells Al about how to get a cab tomorrow to see the doctor. He talks to some other friends while Celeste calls the pharmacy and prepares to leave. They joke around.



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