All Star ’76: Champions of Pride

This video is a summary account of the 1976 Major League Baseball All Star Game. Joe Garagiola narrates the program and takes the viewer through the events leading up to the game.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen, color bars, and tone.

00:33Copy video clip URL Fade into a commercial with Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies promoting U.S. Navy recruitment.

01:00Copy video clip URL Fade into the intro segment for the 1976 MLB All Star Game.

02:31Copy video clip URL The narrator paints the picture for the illustrious game as players are seen in the deepest of concentration, focusing on the task at hand, whether it’ll be pitching, batting, or catching. He begins to talk about the National Leagues’ domination of the All Star Game in recent years, but also mentions the American Leagues’ former dominance in past, specifically when Babe Ruth was in baseball. A compilation of older clips of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DimAggio, and Ted Williams (all American League players) roll as the narrator recounts the glory days of the American League. Ruth’s former teammate Lefty Gomez talks about Ruth’s strengths as a ball player. This cuts over into a segment with this year’s All Stars as they hold Ruth’s original baseball bat that he used when he played in the MLB. The players are astonished by its hulking size as they hold it before the game.

07:40Copy video clip URL President Gerald Ford arrives at the ball park. He goes straight to the locker rooms to greet the players and sign autographs. Ford shakes hands and makes small talk with many of the players.

08:44Copy video clip URL The next segment includes some of the pre-game presentations. Navy Sea Chanters sing for the crowd, balloons and fireworks fly through the air, and President Ford takes his seat next to none other than recently retired Hank Aaron. The players from each team are also introduced before the game begins.

10:33Copy video clip URL With the festivities concluded, the National League players take the field. San Diego Padres Pitcher Randy Jones goes up against Detroit Tigers infielder Ron LaFlore for the first match up of the game. LaFlore gets a base hit on his very first All Star at bat. Minnesota Twins First Baseman Rod Carew takes the plate and causes a double play. Kansas City Royals Third Baseman George Brett takes a base. Jones then retires the side.

12:06Copy video clip URL In the bottom of the first, rookie pitcher Mark Fidrych of the Detroit Tigers takes the mound as Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds walks over to the plate. Rose gets a base hit. Steve Garvey of the Los Angeles Dodgers steps up to bat and hits a line drive to right field sending Rose to home plate. The National League leads 1-0 as Joe Morgan of the Cincinnati Reds comes up to bat. He hits a pop fly. The National League has one more run before the end of the inning. The narrator focuses on Fidrych throughout most of the inning. We see Fidrych at a press conference talking about his first All Star appearance. The pitcher is excited to be there. There is also footage of Fidrych speaking with President Ford.

17:38Copy video clip URL The narrator highlights Randy Jones’ sinker ball, which keeps the American League hitters at bay, preventing them from scoring any runs that inning.

18:49Copy video clip URL Joe Morgan bats against Catfish Hunter of the New York Yankees and gets a base hit. George Foster of the Cincinnati Reds hits a two run home run off of Hunter. The crowd goes wild as the National League takes a 4-0 lead. In the fourth inning, Tom Seever of the New York Mets takes the mound to pitch against New York Yankees Catcher Thurman Munson. Once Seever gets the out, he faces Fred Lynn of the Boston Red Sox, who hits a home run to make the score 4-1 in favor of the National League.

21:24Copy video clip URL American league manager Daryl Johnson makes a pitching change by bringing in Luis Tiant of the Boston Red Sox. Tiant first match up is against Pete Rose, who hits a line drive to right field to get a triple. Tiant’s various pitching styles are showcased. Tiant only allows one hit during his two innings of play.

23:09Copy video clip URL Pitcher John Montefusco of the San Francisco Giants goes up against Minnesota Twins Catcher Butch Wynegar. Montefusco walks Wynegar and strikes out the next batter. Pitcher Rick Rhoden of the LA Dodgers takes the mound in the eighth and throws against Mickey Rivers of the New York Yankees. Rivers gets a base hit. The inning eventually ends in a double play. The National league now leads 5-1.

25:24Copy video clip URL Cesar Cedeno of the Houston Astros takes the plate for the National League batting against California Angels Pitcher Frank Tanana. Cedeno hits a two run home run to widen the lead.

26:36Copy video clip URL Houston Astros Pitcher Ken Forsch gets two quick outs and strikes out the last batter on the American League side to win the game. The final score: National League 7, American League 1. The video concludes with the narrator highlighting some of the American League’s All Star game moments of the past. He says it best by saying, “Baseball is a game that moves in cycles.” The credits then begin to roll shortly afterwards.

29:10Copy video clip URL Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins does a commercial for the U.S. Navy.

29:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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