[Amnesty International spots]

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0:00 Bars and tone, slate, count-in, black.

0:57 Spot encouraging people to write letters to help Amnesty International release prisoners.

1:40 Man in prison about to be executed talking to priest in Spanish. He says he hasn’t done anything, he is just a farmer.

3:17 Military man threatens political prisoners, all of whom are children.

4:32 Reenactment of interrogation torture.

5:17 Closeup of eye. List of types of political activists who have been silenced.

6:02 Glenn Close, English man with long hair, Meryl Streep, Ron Silver, Carly Simon, Black woman with accent, Keith Richards, bald Jewish-looking man, female actress from soap operas, Sam Waterson, talk about Amnesty International.

7:17 Sam Waterson tells story about person who was saved by Amnesty International.

8:32 Steve Guttenberg tells story about plight of political prisoners.

9:17 Carly Simon talks about person who was executed by the South African government and others who were executed wrongly in the United States.

10:02 Robin Williams does funny voice announcing game show called “Wheel of Misfortune.”

10:45 Joanne Woodward describes Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

11:30 Kevin Bacon, Christopher Reeve, John Amos, Eric Stoltz, Griffin Dunne.

12:30 Marlee Matlin talks in sign language about UDHR.

13:15 Burt Lancaster talks about UDHR.

14:00 Kevin Bacon talks about the adoption of the UDHR 40 years ago.

14:45 Elizabeth McGovern talks about 40 years of UDHR.

15:29 Ally Sheedy does same 40 years UDHR spot.

16:15 Jane Alexander does same UHDR 40 years spot.

17:00 Meryl Streep reads an article from UDHR.

17:44 Meryl Streep reads letter about mother who was disappeared.

18:45 Melba Moore reads article from UDHR.

19:30 Melba Moore does same spot with phone number instead of address at end.

20:15 Joanne Woodward does UHDR 40 years spot.

21:00 Joanne Woodward does same spot with phone number instead of address at end.

21:45 Richard Gere reads letter from former torturer in death squad in South America, who says that these tortures and executions can be stopped if enough people start protesting them.

22:30 John Amos does spot about loss of faith in officials, judges, police. He reads letter from prisoner.

23:30 Alec Baldwin does 40 years UDHR spot.

24:15 Alec Baldwin does same spot with phone instead of address at end.

25:00 Christopher Reeve does UDHR spot, reads one article.

25:45 Christopher Reeve does same spot with phone instead of address.

26:30 Ron Sliver does same spot.

27:15 Martha Plimpton does spot about UHDR.

28:00 Griffin Dunne does UHDR article.

28:45 Elizabeth McGovern reads letter from political prisoner.

29:30 Eric Stoltz does UDHR spot.

30:20 Sea World

4:30 Show. Children and parents delighting over Sea World with sad piano music. Voice over describes how the

4:30 show was cancelled but everyone stayed to watch baby whale being born. People stand up and cheer. Baby Shamu.

31:20 End of tape.



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