Annoyance Theatre, tape 1

Footage by Tom Palazzolo and Jack Helbig of Mick Napier's show "Hot Monkey Pie" at Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. The show features actors rapidly switching between different rolls, scenes, and sets.

0:00Copy video clip URL Palazzolo talks to people in the audience about Annoyance Theater

0:37Copy video clip URL Napier welcomes the audience and gives his pre-show speech

1:10 Lights go dark. Some shuffling around, then an actor begins to sing a tune on stage

1:41Copy video clip URL Lights go up, and the show begins. It’s a street scene. Some men sell drugs, as another man wanders around reading his version of the bible. A monkey attacks his owner, then escapes.

5:08Copy video clip URL Cut to one of the drug-buyers dropping acid while a “house-bound” woman suffocates off to the side.

9:35Copy video clip URL The lights change and a new scene begins in a library

12:39Copy video clip URL The “wacky!” man appears

12:55Copy video clip URL Cut to new scene

13:22Copy video clip URL Another cut to an obnoxious man and his wife in their home. Their son walks in, and the husband continues to yell.

15:43Copy video clip URL Cuts between a few different scenes as the spotlights come on and off around the performance space

17:10Copy video clip URL A man tries to order beer from a confused bartender

19:40Copy video clip URL Video again switches through several different scenes as spotlights on stage change

20:55Copy video clip URL Back to the unhappy family in their home

21:37Copy video clip URL Cut to the house-bound woman

22:48Copy video clip URL Chaos as several scenes run at once

23:22Copy video clip URL The bible man freaks out about losing his bible until a man named Tony returns it

26:40Copy video clip URL Two men have an argument

27:15Copy video clip URL A man is repeatedly shot and resurrected

28:52 A dinosaur tries to buy meat from two butchers

32:09Copy video clip URL The wacky man offers to teach the bible man to be wacky, and gives him the official uniform: a bra

34:15Copy video clip URL A teenager does drugs in his room, then talks to the escaped monkey

35:13Copy video clip URL A new scene and more chaos as the actors cycle through all of their characters

38:00Copy video clip URL The monkey settles back with his owner

38:30Copy video clip URL The lights dim then come back up. Each actor takes their bow.

39:30Copy video clip URL Napier gives his closing speech

40:06Copy video clip URL Footage of backstage as actors change their clothes,chat with each other, and relax

46:57Copy video clip URL The next show starts with the cast dancing and signing “don’t drop your soap in the dark.”

50:31Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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