Annoyance Theatre, tape 2

Footage of a rehearsal for Mick Napier's show "Hot Monkey Pie". Footage shot by Tom Palazzolo and Jack Helbig.

0:00Copy video clip URL Napier directs actors on where they should move for the beginning of the show. The set is a city street populated with drug dealers and slightly deranged characters.

4:30Copy video clip URL Actors continue to run through the top of the show

7:19Copy video clip URL Cut to Napier giving more direction

13:35Copy video clip URL Helbig moves to get a different angle

16:30Copy video clip URL Napier calls cut and gives more notes

21:15Copy video clip URL Run through the top of the show continues

25:52Copy video clip URL Helbig talks to one of the actors about the characters she plays, her acting career, and working with Napier

31:14Copy video clip URL Palazzolo asks for the actor to do a bit for the camera

32:52Copy video clip URL Actors rehearse a scene further into the show

33:26Copy video clip URL Cut to Napier and an actor sitting on a couch and watching rehearsal. Napier gives some suggestions, then has them continue the scene.

36:04Copy video clip URL Napier stops the scene again and gives more suggestions

38:44Copy video clip URL Napier ends rehearsal

39:55Copy video clip URL End



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