[Archival footage of Vito Marzullo]

Archival footage on Vito Marzullo. "They're liars, all the way through!" Research for documentary on Alderman Vito Marzullo. Tape contains various clips concerning scandals that embroiled Vito Marzullo during his time on the Chicago City Council. A highlight of the tape includes an angry confrontation between Marzullo and a reporter who accused him of taking bribes. Audio is inconsistent.

00:00Copy video clip URL All clips begin with a countdown. Dick Kay, a reporter with NBC Channel 5 in Chicago, interviews Marzullo before a City Council meeting. Controversy surrounding the meeting dealt with a fare increase for taxi cab drivers, which fell under Chairman Marzullo’s Committee on Local Transportation.

01:26Copy video clip URL Marzullo, in an interview with a reporter, is presumably talking about the same taxi cab scandal that took place in his committee. “I never had any pressure. Matter of fact, the mayor never even talked to me about it,” Marzullo said. Alderman Edward Burke, of the 14th Ward (still in office as of 2008) gives a brief interview on the same topic.

03:30Copy video clip URL Swarmed by reporters, a fiery Marzullo denies allegations that he took bribes while playing cards with a judge. “These people that manufacture these stories better wake up before some day it’s gonna be too late,” Marzullo declared. He berates the reporter who originally published the allegations. “What kind of a newspaper man are you?” he shouts. The audio cuts out for the last few seconds, but Marzullo can be seen shoving the reporter as he walks past.

04:53Copy video clip URL A city official gives a press conference, concerning the lack of funding for schools in low-income areas of the city.

05:27Copy video clip URL Same clip as at 3:30. However in this version, Marzullo begins by saying, “The people who made these accusations, whether individuals or the news media, they’re a goddamn bunch of liars.”

06:36Copy video clip URL Dick Kay interviews a city official about bribery allegations against Marzullo. “I don’t believe it’s true. It strikes me as odd that a man like Mr. Samuels who should know his way around City Hall would be so naive as to offer a bribe in the presence of other people, if he didn’t know who they are or even if he knew who they were. And the alderman [Marzullo] to flaunt that in front of other people… knowing the alderman, he certainly wouldn’t do anything like that,” says the man. Replay of clip from 3:30.



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