Are You Ready for The 90’s?

Promo for The 90s.

00:24Copy video clip URL Start of video. “The 90’s” logo.

00:28Copy video clip URL Voice-over: “It’s The 90’s–something new and important is happening on television. Videotapes produced from ordinary people from around the world, revealing people and ideas you don’t see on T.V.” B-roll of clips of the various segments.

00:40Copy video clip URL Newark, NJ resident Paul Nadler discusses the new state of instant media saying, “One of the problems with America is that we have lived in a world where everything has to be solved; instant journalism, instant success.”

01:07Copy video clip URL Animation of The Statue of Liberty holding a video camera. Text: “American Way.”

01:14Copy video clip URL New York City cabdriver Robert Demella drives his cab and explains what she believes is wrong with America. Cabdriver: “If it’s not quick, if it’s not easy, if it’s not fast food junk for the mind, you don’t want to hear about it.”

02:27Copy video clip URL News reported Ed Rabel practices his lines several times for an NBC News broadcast.

03:40Copy video clip URL NYC cabdriver: “I hate sound bites.”

03:50Copy video clip URL Thailand cook launches food into the air which is caught by a man holding a plate several feet away.

04:01Copy video clip URL Child attempts an interview with pigs.

04:23Copy video clip URL Through video editing, a Los Angeles man plays baseball with himself.

04:35Copy video clip URL New York man loads dresses into a truck while explaining polka dots are the new fashion.

04:55Copy video clip URL Voice-over:  “Showing the world in ways we’ve never seen before.” B-roll of man playing baseball and a rotating moon with a face.

05:00Copy video clip URL Mozambique music video of children dancing.

5:40Copy video clip URL Two men argue about what to refer to African Americans as.

6:10Copy video clip URL Jamaican reggae artist explains why he sings about Jamaica.

6:31Copy video clip URL Todd Alcott: “Scientists say everything is a form of energy, but they’re not taking it far enough: everything is a source of money.”

6:55Copy video clip URL Song: “What’s That Smell.”

7:24Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg talks with a fish monger.

7:55Copy video clip URL Kentucky man: “They have taken our rights. They have taken our freedom. When you own and control land you’re a free man. When you own land and can’t control it, you can’t control yourself you’re a slave”

8:30Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks African American, “What do you think of white people?”

8:37Copy video clip URL Voice-over: “There is a new kind of TV blossoming. The audience is ready for change; ready for TV that takes risks. Are you?”

8:54Copy video clip URL End tape.



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