Are you ready for The 90’s?

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Promo for The 90"s. We see the 90"s opening, plus favorite clips.

0:00 Bars and tone. Complicated series of tones. I set first tone to -20. Slate, black.

1:10 90s opening. “It’s the 90s…”

1:28 Newark, NJ. Paul Nadler, banker, talks from bar. Complains about the compulsive need for analysis after every event.

1:54 American Way. New York taxi driver Robert Demella complains about television to Skip Blumberg.

2:27 Woman on street says that she wants to watch “The 90’s” because it sounds like something new and something that she might like.

2:45 New York taxi driver Robert Demella complains that no one knows anything about current events, especially educated people who are supposed to be aware of things. He mentions that he is not in an “ivory tower” like them and says that’s the best thing about his job.

3:11 Ed Rabel, reporter on location in Nicaragua practices his report while assistants fix his appearance. Stumbles over the phrase “strict mechanisms” many times. We see the complete report for the news, which is supposed to appear like an improvised conversation, but which we have seen is certainly not.

4:24 New York taxi driver Demella complains that he hates sound bytes.

4:28 Flying Morning Glory (on fire) by Skip Blumberg. At an outdoor restaurant in Phitsanulok, Thailand, a cook demonstrates how to make a stir-fried dish with morning glory leaves. “Make sure the wok is very hot,” he says and then tosses the meal in the air behind him, which is caught on a plate by the server.

4:47 Shelton, Washington. Boy with a microphone talks to some baby pigs.

5:09 Los Angeles. Man in goofy outfit pitches baseballs.

5:23 New York. Skip Blumberg talks to man loading truck with polka dot dresses about fashion.

5:42 Music video from Mozambique. Hundreds of people dance together in the street.

6:21 Meanwhile, in Watts: A black man and a white man discuss race and racism.

6:54 Jamaica. Kid talks about his country, then sings song about Jamaica.

7:15 Todd Alcott does rant about money and how it controls the Earth.

7:42 Man sings and plays ukelele.  What’s that smell?” Song appears to be about the environment.

8:10 Skip Blumberg checks out what’s fresh at the fish market.

8:37 Martin, KY. Appalshop. Former state representative Everett Akers passionately tells his story: “They have taken our rights! They have taken our freedom! When you own and control land you are a free man! When you own land and can’t control it, you’re a slave!…Who gave you permission to steal our land, to kill our land? We can’t produce, we can’t make a living off of our land!…Shame on you! Shame on the courts of Kentucky!”

9:20 University of Chicago. Someone asks a black guy what he thinks of white people. He thinks the question is ridiculous.

9:25 Assorted clips. “A new kind of TV is blossoming” .

9:50 End of tape.



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