[St. Mark’s in the Bowery Poetry Project Art Auction 1]

Footage of an auction of artworks by some of the most renowned and influential artists of the early 1970s. Featuring a performance by Allen Ginsberg.

00:01Copy video clip URL Shorts of the New York City streets. 

00:49  A poster advertising an art auction on December 18 at 4:30pm at the Lo Guidice Gallery at 484 Broome St. put on by Sun/Dance and the St. Mark’s in the Bowery Poetry Project.  The camera follows people as they enter the space. 

03:30Copy video clip URL A curly-haired man speaks at the microphone, giving a few introductory announcements. Allen Ginsberg is seated next to him on the stage. 

04:24Copy video clip URL Ginsberg performs a “mantra” (sung/spoken word composition) with musical accompaniment. 

11:13Copy video clip URL The emcee begins an auction for pieces by Christopher Wilmarth, Herbert Schiffrin, John Chamberlain, and John Harris.

13:31Copy video clip URL A performer onstage announces the “Heinz ketchup races. Today: Heinz ketchup vs Heinz ketchup.” He then opens two bottles of ketchup and turns them upside down. When nothing comes out of either bottle, he announces “Heinz ketchup always loses.”

14:35Copy video clip URL An auction for a John Chamberlain sculpture in which the emcee bids against someone in the audience. 

15:08Copy video clip URL An auction for paintings by Ronnie Landfield, Jean Cartier, and Marilyn Lerner, and a manuscript from John Ashbery. 

18:57Copy video clip URL The performer returns to do a routine with Wonder Bread.

19:28Copy video clip URL The emcee auctions a Claes Oldenburg sculpture, several unidentified works, a painting by Ronald Bladen, a cardboard wall relief by Robert Rauschenberg, a drawing by Robert Smithson, and a painting by James Rosenquist.

29:40Copy video clip URL A spoken word poetry performance of Kenward Elmslie’s “Girl Machine.”



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