Art History at the Panama Canal

A look at the Panama Canal, with footage and discussion of the ships that pass through and the surrounding areas.

01:45Copy video clip URL Two men rowing a small boat in front of a giant ship approaching the locks. 

02:27Copy video clip URL Footage of workers and passengers on large ships. 

03:58Copy video clip URL The locks closing.

05:37Copy video clip URL A man explains that Panama gets most of its water and electricity from the canal zone. He says that it’s a nice place to live if you like the heat and the rain. He discusses the property usage around the canal as the camera moves across the landscape of the surrounding areas. 

08:17Copy video clip URL Why there are so many military bases near the Panama Canal: originally to keep the canal safe, but there are questions and disagreements about their current functions. Footage of ships passing through the locks. 

14:23Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg comments on “the full afternoon of action over here at the Panama Canal,” explaining that the ship below them is waiting for a boat to take them through the locks and providing occasional play-by-play style commentary on the ship slowly passing by. His female companion takes Polaroid pictures. 




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