[Artaud #9: Real Time / Death Scene]

This tape documents the preparation for the joint Videopolis / Victory Gardens Theater production of "Artaud." This tape is a continuation of a previous rehearsal of the death scene.

[Continuation of Tape 16122].

00:01Copy video clip URL Camera opens on J. Pat Miller laying in bed. Man off camera continues to speak. Audio is difficult to understand. Miller looks through a deck of tarot cards. He places the cards on the floor one at a time. He gets up and makes a drink. After drinking, he walks to a toilet and kneels over it before throwing up. He then sits on the toilet. He falls off the toilet. He stands, and goes to the desk to write. He gets up, and goes back to the toilet. He gets up and takes off his clothes. He looks at art on the wall, and then sits on the bed. 

32:53Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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