[Artaud: Final Plague, Rozen in school]

This tape documents the rehearsal for the joint Videopolis / Victory Gardens Theater production of "Artaud." Lead actor J. Pat Miller runs through numerous scenes that will be included in the final performance.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:20Copy video clip URL Shot of the floor. The videomaker tests out the camera equipment.

01:18Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the lead actor J. Pat Miller as he runs through the “plague” monologue several times. They seem to be shooting inside of a vacant school. Afterwards Miller, videomaker Anda Korsts, and another production member talk about his performance.

11:05Copy video clip URL Miller tests out a few different shades of makeup. Korsts gathers footage of Dennis applying his makeup.

14:44Copy video clip URL Korsts gathers numerous takes of Miller running around a school in the nude. The camera slowly makes its way into a dirty room to find Dennis in the corner curled up into a ball. He frantically waves at the camera, hiding his face through the duration of the segment.

25:53Copy video clip URL Korsts gets a shot of Miller trying to push his way out of a small square shaped hole in a door. This lasts for several minutes.

30:00Copy video clip URL Korsts gathers footage of Miller flailing up a flight of stairs and running through the hallways of the vacant school. This lasts for several minutes.

31:36Copy video clip URL Cut to footage that must have been taped over for Artaud. An older man talks to videomaker Skip Blumberg about having always been able to hold a job. Blumberg asks the man about his dream job and how he envisions his retirement.

33:08Copy video clip URL Anda Korsts asks the man about his son and his future job aspirations. The tape gets cut off shortly afterward.

33:33Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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