[Artaud rehearsal]

This tape documents the preparation for the joint Videopolis / Victory Gardens Theater production of "Artaud." Director Jim Rinnert, lead actor J. Pat Miller, and others discuss the logistics of the production and rehearse several scenes.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black/static.

00:31Copy video clip URL Director Jim Rinnert, lead actor J. Pat Miller, and videomaker Anda Korsts discuss the logistics behind the next scene. In this scene, an actor playing the editor of a literary magazine reads a letter from Antonin Artaud. Miller (as Artaud) will read the letter out loud for the audience while they watch the editor (reading internally) with the letter at his desk. This lasts for several minutes.

02:19Copy video clip URL The actors run through the scene twice.

03:41Copy video clip URL Miller prepares to perform the “plague” monologue. He and Rinnert talk about his being uncomfortable with the acting in this scene and states that his acting was far too “mannered and stagey” the last time they recorded it. The two talk about the scene and how it will incorporate into the actual performance. Videomaker Anda Korsts chimes in about the camera placement. Miller comments on the interplay between Korsts’ camera work and his own performance.

07:11Copy video clip URL Korsts asks Miller about how he judges his performances. He talks about the positives and negatives of being able to watch a performance immediately after it is performed through the video recording. He states that it is easier to be objective if time passes between recording and watching. Miller, Rinnert, and Korsts discuss this issue for several minutes. Later, Rinnert coaches Miller on a scene.

10:44Copy video clip URL Miller runs through the “plague” monologue, giving a lecture on a plague outbreak. Rinnert interrupts and coaches Miller as he performs.

12:02Copy video clip URL Cut back to a shot of the character at the desk reading a letter. They go through several takes, capturing different camera angles.

14:50Copy video clip URL Cut back to footage of Miller running through the “plague” monologue. He runs through a more concentrated version of the lecture. After he finishes, Rinnert offers advice about his performance and how involved he is with the words he is trying to communicate. The two continue to talk about the issue.

22:45Copy video clip URL Miller runs through the “plague” monologue once more. Rinnert interrupts and coaches Miller on his performance. They run thorough the monologue several times before the end of the tape.

28:29Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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