[Artaud: J. Pat Miller – Start of costume & makeup (Plague)]

This tape documents the preparation for the joint Videopolis / Victory Gardens Theater production of "Artaud." In this tape, lead actor J. Pat Miller tests makeup for the plague scene.

00:00Copy video clip URL Camera opens on two managers of the play discussing make-up techniques. They begin discussing fake blood, and then quantities. They talk about attaching the blood things to the body. They discuss how to style the hair of an old character. They discuss gluing masks with latex.

9:45Copy video clip URL They talk about filming outside and weather conditions. They talk about how color will show up on film. The costume designer takes measurements of the other man. They discuss making masks. They talk about the design of a straitjacket. They try and problem solve an onstage rigging. 

32:39Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 


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  1. Steve Lafreniere says:

    LOVED this. Amazing that I can sit in on a creative meeting from so long ago, while I was making the bed!

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