Atkins #1

B-roll and off-the-cuff talks with legendary Chicago Bears Defensive End, Doug Atkins. Atkins, who lives in Tennessee, goes about his daily routine as a sales representative for the Coors Brewing Company. After visiting a local supermarket, Atkins drives around town in his truck, discussing the 1985 Chicago Bears team, what it's like to be 55 years old, and his desire to relax out in the country.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:55Copy video clip URL Doug Atkins walks down a supermarket aisle with Angie, the assistant store manager, making small talk with her about the layout of the refrigeration units, inquiring as to whether or not all of the supermarkets in the franchise will be set up in the same way. He then thanks Angie and walks away.

02:09Copy video clip URL A second take of Atkins walking down the supermarket aisle with Angie, this time commenting on the placement of  the Coors and Strohs beers being mixed in with the competitors’ beers in the coolers, which he remarks is beneficial for the company.

03:54Copy video clip URL Close up shot of Angie, answering the same questions from Atkins about the setup of the refrigeration units in the supermarkets.

04:36Copy video clip URL Close up shot of Atkins, who asks Angie whether this particular supermarket is the first store to lay out the beer products in the refrigeration units in such a way. He then states that such placement may be good for the company, as mixing Coors brands in with other brands of beer may boost sales.

04:56Copy video clip URL Shot in the bed of Atkins’s pickup truck looking in through the rear window of the car, Atkins begins driving and talking to the man in the passenger’s seat. He tells an anecdote about a time when he played Minnesota Fats in pool and comments on the current Chicago Bears team, who he says is playing well.

07:30Copy video clip URL In a shot from the top of the truck, Atkins continues driving down the road and talking about the Chicago Bears, purporting that the team is well-balanced.

07:57Copy video clip URL A tighter shot of Atkins from the rear window of the truck, who speaks of Mike Ditka’s worth as a coach. Atkins praises Ditka, saying that his team is performing well because he is organized and has quality players, specifically on the defensive line.

08:55Copy video clip URL Atkins, still framed in the rear window of the truck as he drives, says that the university’s stadium will soon be packed with between 90-95,000 fans for Saturday’s football game against Ole Miss. He then states that the university has the second largest stadium and the second highest attendance  in the country.

09:30Copy video clip URL When asked whether he does any extracurricular coaching on his days off, Atkins says “I’m 55 years old. If I do a day’s work, I’ve had about all I can handle.”

10:22Copy video clip URL Atkins talks about his desire to go out into the country and relax, somewhere where he can get away from all distractions.

11:38Copy video clip URL A side shot of Atkins driving in his white pickup truck with the countryside on either side of the road.

12:16Copy video clip URL A shot from one car length behind Atkins’s truck as he drives down the road.

13:18Copy video clip URL Exterior shot of Neyland Stadium, the home field of the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

13:34Copy video clip URL Tight follow shot of the exterior of Atkins’s truck, beginning at the bed and panning into a zoom on the driver’s side window.

14:18Copy video clip URL Atkins outside of his house, calling his dog through the backyard, around the house, and back over to his truck.

17:21Copy video clip URL Long, exterior shot of Atkins walking into his house.

17:44Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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