Atkins #5

B-roll of the various awards Doug Atkins had won in his time as a professional football player. Atkins tells about how he was the first player to receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and discusses the politics of the game.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars

01:21Copy video clip URL B-roll of Doug Atkins standing in front of a mirrored plaque awarded to him upon his induction into the Football Hall of Fame. The camera pulls back and rack focuses onto the plaque, displaying Atkins’s name, the number of times he’d played in Pro-Bowl games, the number of Championship Games in which he’d played, and the total number of years that his football career had lasted.

01:44Copy video clip URL Close up on the area of the award displaying the teams Atkins had played on, along with the accompanying years for each team.

01:52Copy video clip URL Atkins, still standing in front of the mirrored plaque, talks about the various awards he’d gotten during his football playing years, stating that he’s particularly proud of the Lombardi Trophy, as he was the first player to receive it.

02:50Copy video clip URL Atkins recalls the politics involved in football, explaining that he had to “play twice as hard” as the other players in order to receive the Pro-Bowl award.

03:19Copy video clip URL B-roll medium shot of the Lombardi Trophy.

03:28Copy video clip URL Close up on the Lombardi Trophy, displaying Atkins’s name at the top.

03:41Copy video clip URL Extreme close up on the Lombardi Trophy.

03:55Copy video clip URL B-roll of Atkins driving around in his white pickup truck.

04:24Copy video clip URL B-roll tilt up of the “Player of the Quarter Century” award, with Doug Atkins’s name and picture on it.

04:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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