[Audio of Richard J. Daley]

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Three separate pieces relating to the city of Chicago's response to the demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. These clips are audio only.

0:00 Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley addresses a radio and television newscasters conference. His speech indicts the news media in their coverage of the Democratic National Convention protests, claiming that they were sensationalistic and painted an inaccurate picture of what went on. He claims that negative elements were given air time, but calm and positive positions were not. He knows of the incredible power of the television image, which he finds “preferable to the commentator who endlessly interviews himself”, but thinks that often the wrong images are chosen. He does concede that “sometimes the camera doesn’t seek violence, violence seeks the camera.” Audio often cuts out during this speech and it is cut off abruptly before it is finished.

11:18 Daley is being interviewed about the handling of the Democratic National Convention protests. “The marches resolve nothing…the only way it’s resolved is with bright people around the table.” This clip starts and ends in the middle.

14:04 What Trees Do They Plant? “This is the sound of a mob.” Partial copy of a film produced by the City of Chicago refute criticism of their treatment of protesters at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. Stern and fatherly in tone, the narrator claims that the Yippies conducted a deliberate campaign to disrupt the city and harm the police. [Note that this film is available in full, with both image and audio at https://mediaburn.org/video/what-trees-do-they-plant-2/ ]



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