August Nights

Super-8 film by Chuck Kleinhans featuring footage of three Chicago neighborhoods on summer nights in 1979.

0:03Copy video clip URL Title Screen: “August Nights.” Jazz music starts playing. “Rush & Division.” Dark black and white close-up footage of people walking by and cars driving. One window has a neon sign that reads “Nude.”

4:50Copy video clip URL Music stops. Footage of people walking on the street continues. Cut to a man washing a CTA tunnel. 

5:18Copy video clip URL “Grant Park.” New song starts. Footage of an outdoor jazz concert at the Petrillo Music Shell, guarded by a Chicago police officer. Footage of the Chicago skyline.

7:23Copy video clip URL “Logan Square.” Footage of: McDonald’s sign, cars driving by Superior Foods, neon sign for Jewels by Trifari, Rustle, a cake store, exterior Johnny’s Grill, man watching miniature TV at a cash register, Eddie’s, people hanging out inside Johnny’s Grill and playing pinball.

10:32Copy video clip URL End. 



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