B96, TJ, Wild Bill #1

B96 Radio gives away concert tickets to the people brave enough to drink the disgusting milkshakes that they make.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on hand covering the camera lens and then the film crew, including Joel Cohen, entering the CBS building in Chicago. They are met by someone who takes them to the studio. They reach the studio of WBBM where B96 is being broadcast. They reach the studio while a broadcast is already in progress. Soon after, a man takes the cameraman back outside to give away tickets to a concert by playing games with random people around Chicago. The man tells stories about the kinds of games he’s played and the lengths to which he’s gone.

14:30Copy video clip URL Switch to interior car shot with the B96 radio station playing in the background.

16:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a parking lot where the aforementioned man plays a game with several people in the parking lot in order to give away free tickets. People drink disgusting milk shakes to win prizes.

57:31Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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