Baby Massage

Instructional Tape for giving an infant massage with Denise Pound.

00:04Copy video clip URL Disclaimer: “Please be sure to consult your physician before beginning this or any other Infant Stimulation Program.”

00:16Copy video clip URL Slideshow of still images of infants being massaged. Gentle music. Title Screen: “Baby Massage with Denise Pound, MsT. Infant Massage Instructor.”

00:43Copy video clip URL Pound comes onscreen and talks about Infant Massage and its benefits. She advises viewers to watch the entire video before beginning to massage an infant. She warns against overstimulating the baby. Cut to Pound sitting with a pediatrician, Dr. Larry Wasser. He explains some further benefits of baby massage. 

3:30Copy video clip URL Pound describes all the necessary materials and conditions, including room temperature, an oil, and diapers. She leads a pre-massage relaxation session for the viewer. 

5:55Copy video clip URL Cut to Pound holding a baby near a changing table. She lays the baby on his back and speaks to him. She puts some oil on her hands and massages his chest, stomach, and face. She describes the pressure and type of motions she is using. She moves to massage his legs and feet, and continues to describes the motions. She moves to the arms and hands. She describes that these massages can be especially useful during times of stress for a child, like before or after a doctor’s visit.

19:10Copy video clip URL She turns the baby over onto his belly. She begins to massage his back.

21:22Copy video clip URL “Key Points.” Cut to pound sitting in a chair. She gives a summary of some of the most important points, like keeping the baby happy. She holds a baby doll and explains how she may work with a baby who has colic. She talks about some differences in technique for babies of different ages. 

25:49Copy video clip URL Fade to black. Credits.

26:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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