[Back Seat 3: Exhibition Footage]

Documentation of the video installations in the show "Back Seat" by Susan Milano, Nancy Cain, and Bart Friedman. Exhibited at the Women's Interart Center in 1978.

00:05Copy video clip URL Installation view of Taxi, in which a TV monitor has been placed inside a cab (from Hunt’s Point Taxi Exchange). Accompanied by local radio.

02:17Copy video clip URL Footage from inside the taxi, where the TV is playing a tape of a cab driver telling a story about a man who “moved his bowels” in his back seat. 

04:14Copy video clip URL Footage from outside the taxi. Close-ups of the projectors. Audio from the cab driver discussing his job. 

07:00Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain in the back seat of the taxi. 

08:25Copy video clip URL Footage of the installation Country Road: a small replica of a car’s interior with a small monitor in front of the windshield playing footage of country roads. 

10:45Copy video clip URL Wall text: “The presentation of Back Seat would not have been possible had we not been able to obtain the automobiles central to the environments. It was through the generosity of Hunt’s Point Taxi Exchange and of Albert Capalbo that we were loaned the beautiful Checker and the Deluxe Chevy installed here. No amount of thanks can fully repay their kindness. Nancy Cain, Susan Milano, Bart Friedman. All taxi photos courtesy of Trudy Rosen.*” More wall text, about the history of Hunt’s Point Taxi Exchange and a bio of Capalbo. Photographs of cars on the walls of the exhibition. 

13:15Copy video clip URL Chuck Kennedy running the projector. Film strips looped up and around the room. View of Drive-In, an installation in which a monitor showing a tape of a man and woman kissing in a car is placed inside of a car, with a loop of a Rebel without a Cause trailer playing on a screen in front of it. 

17:38Copy video clip URL A magazine article pinned on the wall of the gallery: “Birth of a Drive-In” by Albert Henderson. Photographs of cars and drive-ins on the wall. Film strips running in loops along the top of the room. More views of the installation. Close-ups of the car. 

23:56Copy video clip URL Credits pinned to the wall. “With a lot of help from our friends… Electronic Consultant: Chuck Kennedy, artist, video engineer, one of the founding members of Videofreex and Media Bus. Helped to bring Back Seat to you. Chuck is known for his electronic innovations and his ability to make things work even in the face of Murphy’s Law. His other skills include: micro processing, video hardware development, systems design and consultation, and Chinese cooking. Cab Drivers: Mickey Basch, Howie Simon, Gennaro Peso, Harold Schrieber, Marty Sipowitz. Kissing Couple: Ruth Rotko, John Keeler. Photographer: Trudy Rosen. Film Loop Editor: Curt Cressler. Automated Film Loop by Gene Demick of Bergen Expo Systems. Film Coating by Samuel H. Bunchey of Vacuumate Corporation. Technical Assistance: Alan Miller, Liz Garfield, Parry Teasdale. Drive-In Speaker Courtesy of: Kitty Caprio (manage of The Union drive-in). Equipment provided by: Adwar Video, Bergen Expo Systems, Greenwich Street Video, Ron Honsa, Media Equipment Resource Center (MERC), Media Bus, Alan Miller, Barry Rebo of Rebo Associates, Women’s Interart Center. Technical Staff of The Interart Center: Whitney Quesenbery, Christopher W. Wright. Curator of the Interart Gallery: Francyne de St.-Amand. Publicity Agent: Ellen Levine, Inc. Special Thanks to: Mary Dargello of Taxi and Limousine Comission, Susan Dudley-Allen, Jack Goldman of Technosphere Corporation, Grammercy Builders, Danny Palms, Abe Polon [?], TV Lab of WNET.”





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