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A brief look at Barack Obama's life and political career up until his campaign for US Senate.

0:10Copy video clip URL Opens with a clip of Barack Obama giving a speech about his parents at the Democratic National Convention. Fade to Brackett speaking further about how Obama’s parents met.

1:17Copy video clip URL Brackett interviews Obama’s great uncle about the marriage of Ann and Barack Obama Sr.

1:33Copy video clip URL Details about Obama’s early childhood in Hawaii, and his parents’ separation.

2:10Copy video clip URL Michelle Obama shares how she thinks the absence of Obama’s father has helped shaped him. Brackett talks about Obama’s stepfather and his subsequent move to Indonesia at the age of 6.

3:05Copy video clip URL Obama talks about the first time he saw a magazine ad for skin bleaching, and the impressions it left on him about race.

3:47Copy video clip URL Obama was sent back to Hawaii at the age of 10 for school and lived with his grandparents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, while his mother stayed in Indonesia. Brackett reads from Obama’s autobiography about his struggles with identity, and talks about the importance of basketball in his teen years. Michelle Obama and Stanley Dunham talk more about Obama’s search for an identity.

6:01Copy video clip URL Brackett claims that Obama’s multiple identities help him on the campaign trail. Obama: “Part of what I benefit from is a multiplicity of cultures that all fed me.”

6:45Copy video clip URL Segment moves on to Obama’s college years and his first job at a consulting firm in New York City. He soon accepted a community leader position in Chicago and created a group called the Developing Communities Project. A pastor talks about Obama’s work in bringing both black and white pastors together. Another community leader talks about Obama’s desire to enact change through politics.

8:21Copy video clip URL Details about Obama’s trip to Kenya to meet the other side of his family. Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Hussein, talks about how alike Obama and his father are. Obama comments on the trip’s affirmation of his career.

9:23Copy video clip URL Obama’s Harvard years. One of Obama’s former professors gives a glowing character reference. He became the first biracial president of the Harvard Law Review; a university affiliate speaks to how much work being the editor requires.

11:15Copy video clip URL Judson Miner expresses his excitement that Obama took a job with his small law firm in Chicago after graduating from Harvard.

11:47Copy video clip URL Obama’s relationship with Michelle. Michelle Obama talks about her initial assignment to recruit Obama for a top law firm in Chicago.

13:07Copy video clip URL Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, talks about her initial concerns about Obama.

13:45Copy video clip URL Obama comments on the importance of his family.

14:10Copy video clip URL Obama’s early political career. Emil Jones talks about Obama’s flair for communication. Michelle Obama expresses her distaste for opinions about Obama not being “black enough.” David Axelrod comments on Obama’s universally appealing nature. “He’s a bigot’s worst nightmare; he’s someone who is comfortable wherever he goes.”

16:33Copy video clip URL Brackett mentions speculation about Obama being on a national ticket.



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