[Barry on Blues 1986]

Newstalk interview with Barry Dolins about the Chicago Blues Festival in 1986.

00:06Copy video clip URL The Newstalk host introduces Barry Dolins, the Blues Festival coordinator, to talk about the weekend’s itinerary.

00:32Copy video clip URL Barry discusses how this year’s festival will be different from the last. There will be a program that “starts at noon and continues to 10:30Copy video clip URL pm,” he says. He also talks about food, beer, and wine, with smaller stages for performers. 

01:25Copy video clip URL He remarks that Chicago is a “mecca for the Blues community” and talks about a seminar to make Chicago the “Blues capitol of the world.”

01:57Copy video clip URL He discusses the daily plan for the festival. They honored Willie Dixon on the first day and hosted Chuck Barry on the second.

03:46Copy video clip URL Dolins gives his definition of the Blues and it’s historical significance, but ultimately it’s “music to let you hear down and have a good time.” They also talk about it’s storytelling abilities that make it more accessible. 

05:33Copy video clip URL The host shows one of the posters that are being sold for the festival and Barry talks about the other souvenirs that will be avaliable.

06:13Copy video clip URL Barry talks about the importance to “experience the Blues at noon from 5 o’clock in these small, intimate settings…is very important.” It’s free to experience the festival, as well, remarks the host.

07:35Copy video clip URL A narrator talks about future programing on the channel.

07:57Copy video clip URL Credits roll.



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