Baseball Writers’ Dinner

Bill Veeck receives the Wendell Smith Award and Tom Seaver receives the Chicago Newcomer Award at the Baseball Writers' Dinner, January 12, 1985.

00:07Copy video clip URL Open to applause. Dave Nightingale introduces Bill Veeck, the recipient of the Wendell Smith, “Goodwill Ambassador in Baseball,” Award. Nightingale insists that it is also an award that celebrates black equality in baseball. “Veeck is colorblind.”

1:43Copy video clip URL Veeck takes podium: “I’ve spent all my life hustling you guys.”

3:00Copy video clip URL “I am here actually by courtesy of Illinois Masonic Hospital and vacation spa.”

4:15Copy video clip URL “Wendell Smith was my most favorite unsung hero.” Veeck tells the story of Smith trying to establish black players in baseball, including the founding of the Brooklyn Brown Bombers and the placement of Jackie Robinson.

6:14Copy video clip URL “Wendell Smith did the most [for black players].”

6:55Copy video clip URL “I hope that sometime I can achieve soap small comparison to Wendell Smith. Veeck leaves the podium.

7:23Copy video clip URL Another man gets to the podium and notes various people in attendance.

9:00Copy video clip URL Mike Kiley takes the  podium and introduces Tom Seaver, pitcher for the White Sox, as recipient of “Chicago’s Newcomer of the Year” Award.

11:25Copy video clip URL Seaver takes the podium.He stresses the importance of long-standing teams in long-standing stadium: “Please don’t let them take away Wrigley Field or Comiskey park.” He tells various anecdotes.

17:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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