[Bear Tribe footage] / Tao Om 3

Footage of the Bear Tribe Self-Reliance Center, along with a copy of the video Tao Om 3 and footage of people dancing in a circle.

00:02Copy video clip URL Standing outside of a teepee, three inhabitants of the Bear Tribe Self-Reliance Center discuss their community’s spiritual beliefs. A German woman describes the impact of the Bear Tribe on her life, including an extensive discussion of the ways that artificial light disrupt daily schedules. 

04:53Copy video clip URL A bearded man wearing a beret talks about his decision to join the Bear Tribe community and how their focus on feelings has helped him become truer to himself. 

08:44Copy video clip URL A woman with black curly hair talks about the difficulties achieving “balance in an artificial environment.” The significance of the number four. 

10:40Copy video clip URL Exterior of the teepee. The Bear Tribe members hanging around, performing chores.

15;35 Inside. Indigenous (or indigenous-inspired) art and crafts, and other decorations,. 

21:14Copy video clip URL Members typing and folding paper. 

22:40Copy video clip URL Illustrating a sign or book cover that reads “Bear Tribe Self Reliance Center.” 

23:16Copy video clip URL Children at a dining room table, joined by adults. Conversation among themselves. 

30:30Copy video clip URL Outdoor drumming and singing. People gather around watching them. 

38:30Copy video clip URL Outdoors at the Bear Tribe. A truck transporting wood. A wolf-like dog. 

39:44Copy video clip URL Bear Tribe publications arranged on the ground, including “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology by Sun Bear and Wabun” and a horizontal publication or bumper sticker reading “Walk in Balance on the Earth Mother. – Sun Bear.” 

41:00Copy video clip URL Outdoors at the Bear Tribe. People doing chores. 

43:48Copy video clip URL Tao Om 3: Images of waves and the beach, with dancing and swaying. abstract patterns and image processing video effects accompanying new age music. 

51:00Copy video clip URL Footage of Dudley Evenson dancing and swaying on a beach. 

56:35Copy video clip URL A large group of people dancing and clapping in a circle

61:38Copy video clip URL End credits: “Produced by Earthlab. 405 N. Wilson, Tucson, AZ.” 



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