[Bear Tribe / Sweat Lodge]

Footage of people at the Bear Tribe sweat lodge and its Self-Reliance Center, and the surrounding area.

00:05Copy video clip URL People hold hands in a circle around a dinner table, softly praying before a meal.

02:04Copy video clip URL Children look at a horse and its owner/trainer just outside a window. The horse pokes its head inside an open door. 

04:06Copy video clip URL Outside in a forest.

05:47Copy video clip URL A woman discusses the nature of the sweat lodge. She discusses its as a sacred place and a sacred act that creates renewal. She discusses the fully natural qualities of the sweat lodge. 

09:01Copy video clip URL Exteriors of the forest around the sweat lodge. Chickens, horses, and other animals. 

14:29Copy video clip URL The woman explains the working of a shed used to dried meat and fruits.

16:51Copy video clip URL Explaining nearby petroglyphs (cave drawings) near the entrance to a cave. “This mountain has been sacred to the Indians for over 400 years. A lot of the Indians came here to do vision quests.”

22:17Copy video clip URL White people standing around outside of a teepee discussing people “in the mainstream” who need for control and self-reliance in their own lives, the need for “connectiveness.” The founding of the Self-Reliance Center. A German woman named Erika talks about finding her inner harmony with nature in the Bear Tribe. A man talks about moving to an Ojibwe community and learning to listen to nature and to his feelings. He also discusses prophecies from indigenous people coming to pass. 



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