[Bears mania in Chicago 1986]

News report on the excitement and controversies in Chicago during the lead-up to the 1986 Superbowl.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video cuts in during the middle of a news report about the Chicago Bears. Mayor Washington attends a rally at Daley Plaza and announces that, temporarily, the plaza will be renamed Bears Plaza.

00:22Copy video clip URL Anchor John Drury notes in New Orleans there’s Bears fever. Journalist Chuck Goudie notes that Bourbon Street has been renamed Bears Street. A serious of interviews with fans saying that they’ve come to New Orleans to conquer the Super Bowl. The journalist notes how wild people behave, dressing up in outrageous costumes to dance and play music in the street. He spotlights one band called Space Monkeys.

01:25Copy video clip URL The Space Monkeys perform. An elderly man called Harry Monica plays the harmonica. The journalist spotlights all the strip joints.

02:06Copy video clip URL The journalist notes some of the New England Patriot players and shows footage of some eating at an Italian restaurant. He shows Bears players Tim Wrightman, Kevin Butler and Tom Thayer, Mike Singletary and Dan Rains were out for the night. They have an 11:30Copy video clip URL curfew. The Patriots have a curfew as well, but the times vary.

03:02Copy video clip URL Goudie signs off.

03:05Copy video clip URL In another news segment, news anchors discuss the Bears. Journalist Brad Palmer talks about two controversies. One is about the proceeds from The Super Bowl Shuffle song, the other is about an acupuncturist from Japan who was denied a seat on the Bears charter plane over objections of some players. Jim McMahon says the song was stupid. You don’t go shooting your mouth off before the fact. Willie Gault, the instigator of the song, says he not offended by the remark because he knows Jim just says what he thinks at the time. McMahon also says he was forbidden from taking acupuncture treatments.

04:24Copy video clip URL McMahon talks about not feeling physically ready for Sunday’s game. He wants the acupuncturist with the team. Bill Anderson from the Illinois State Acupuncture Association says that acupuncture works. It’s had 5,000 years of success. The Bears cannot afford to have key players at less than one hundred percent for Sunday’s game.

05:14Copy video clip URL END



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