[Ben Hollis stoop talk #1 for Weekend TV]

Ben Hollis goes to the Tri-Taylor neighborhood to interview Chicago residents about an activity everyone shares: sitting on stoops and talking. Most memorably, a man who has lived on Taylor Street for over 60 years reminisces about being a precinct captain and expresses his loyalty to Richard J. Daley while his companions eat Italian Ice.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:21Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis makes his way down Taylor Street in Chicago, IL. He approaches the front yard of an apartment shared by a group of college students. The men are relaxing in their front yard on a beautiful summer afternoon. Hollis begins ask the group about “stoop talk.” The men talk about the ideal “stoop talk conditions” and share some stoop anecdotes, including some pranks they played on passers-by.

04:55Copy video clip URL Hollis asks a group of high school boys what they think of “stoop talk.” They state that it’s “very Chicago.” Hollis spends a little more time with the group of college guys discussing the dos and don’t of “stoop talk” before moving on down the block.

09:29Copy video clip URL Hollis speaks with an older couple about their thoughts on “stoop talk.” An excited woman named Grace says, “You can’t beat this neighborhood for stoops.” She talks about moving back into the neighborhood after living in the suburb of Crystal Lake. Her friend Tony, who has been living in Little Italy for forty-five years, talks about the neighborhood history. Grace expresses the fact that she’d like to be able to have “stoop talk” with the many residents and loved ones that have passed away. “Over here we all help one another. This is what I call togetherness. You’ll never find this anywhere else.” She then reminisces about her husband and his friends sharing a few drinks on the stoop. Grace also asks Hollis about his work on “Wild Chicago.” She also asks the crew to make her look thin on TV.

14:02Copy video clip URL Hollis gets a drink of water from an open fire hydrant. He then has a brief conversation with a Busy Burger employee. Busy Burger had just opened its doors for business. After briefly discussing “stoop talk,” the employee rushes back into the restaurant. Hollis and his crew move on.

15:12Copy video clip URL As Hollis approaches another stoop, a resident begins shouting, “Wild Chicago! Wild Chicago!” Hollis speaks with Abdul Akeem Muhammad about his experiences with “stoop talk.” After introducing his daughter, Muhammad states that he’s a “stoop fanatic.” He expresses his love for sitting out on the stoop and then introduces his friend Tony Pete who talks about his stoop experiences.

20:36Copy video clip URL Hollis speaks with a few other residents about their stoop experience. A woman named Tina expresses the importance of getting out of the house. Another man comments on the types of conversation that comes up while out on the stoop. Eventually, three of the residents begin to talk over one another which makes it very difficult to understand anyone.

24:56Copy video clip URL Muhammad introduces his three children to the viewing audience.

25:56Copy video clip URL Hollis approaches a group of men sitting on their front porch. Bob, Waukee, and Tony become very excited at the prospect of speaking with Hollis. Waukee even ventures into the house to retrieve a hat similar to Hollis’ trademark hat on “Wild Chicago.” Hollis is nice enough to put the hat on. The three tell Hollis that they were just talking about attractive women in the movies. When asked if they could have any one on the stoop with them, they would like to “shoot the breeze” with Michael Jordan. They go on to briefly talk about the history of the neighborhood. Hollis goes on to speak with a mother and her two children about “stoop talk.” The residents express their excitement over the brand new baseball field built in the neighborhood. Hollis then asks Bob if he could introduce Hollis to his neighbors next door.

31:16Copy video clip URL Hollis speaks with Ray, his wife Jenny, and their neighbor Esther. Ray talks about his experience being a precinct captain during the Mayor Richard J. Daley years. Esther and Jenny enjoy a cup of Italian Ice while reminiscing about the old trolley system. Ray states that he’s lived at the same building since 1938. The two talk about how the neighborhood has changed. Ray then talks about his interest in speaking with Richard J. Daley on his stoop. He then brags that as a precinct captain, he never lost a precinct. Ray also talks about Jenny’s brother’s experience in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. Hollis then says his goodbyes to everyone in the area.

39:11Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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