Ben Loves Chicago 9603

Ben Hollis interviews the denizens of Chicago - wise, whimsical, whacky, and weird alike!

1:26Copy video clip URL The program begins. 

1:56Copy video clip URL Ben Hollis can be seen having wild time on a ride in a park. 

2:00Copy video clip URL Hollis can be seen with a microphone, standing in downtown Chicago. 

2:32Copy video clip URL A colorful, animated montage for the program is shown. 

3:17Copy video clip URL Hollis introduces the members of the “Electric Football League” on the South Side. 

5:04Copy video clip URL An example of an “Electric Football” game is shown. 

7:47Copy video clip URL Hollis is shown sitting on what appears to be an abandoned backseat of a car -or an abandoned couch, amidst some debris. 

7:55Copy video clip URL The creatively-designed sign for a store called, “Urban Bikes” is shown. 

11:25Copy video clip URL Hollis can be seen impersonating Gojira (Godzilla) – while soaking and walking onto a beachhead. 

11:49Copy video clip URL A rehearsal at the “Swing Orchestra Institute of Chicago” is shown. 

16:54Copy video clip URL A quirky “pinhole photographer” and amateur singer invites Hollis into his apartment for an interview. 

21:45Copy video clip URL Hollis can be seen helping load wooden pallets on top of his car to be recycled. 

22:54Copy video clip URL Hollis interviews a food warehouse employee – who states that if he (the warehouse employee) leaves the warehouse dock, people will steal the pallets to recycle them. 

25:02Copy video clip URL Hollis interviews people on the street in different parts of Chicago. 

27:47Copy video clip URL The program ends. 



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