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In Ben Loves Chicago, which ran for three years on Chicago network WPWR, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat, niche, parts of “Chicagoland”. This week he visits: a local barber shop, a firehouse, O'Hare airport, a large flea market, and a mortgage building.

0:01Copy video clip URL Color bars. Episode title screen. 

0:45Copy video clip URL “Ben Loves Chicago” introduction. 

1:13Copy video clip URL Ben visits a barber shop and gets his hair cut. 

1:35Copy video clip URL Ben visits the Blessing of the Pets service at St. Josaphat Church. He talks to the pet owners and the pastors. 

5:28Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

6:28Copy video clip URL Ben spends the night at a firehouse. He goes around the house, talking to the fireman, seeing the equipment, and trying out their living and eating quarters. He talks with the paramedics about the equipment in the ambulance. 

10:47Copy video clip URL Ben sets up an Instant Talk Show booth at O’Hare airport. He asks people where they’re from, what they do, and what they think about the United States and Chicago. Some people talk about their families, and their home countries. 

15:23Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

16:24Copy video clip URL Ben visits Chicago’s biggest Flea Market, Swap O’ Rama. He talks to the customers and the manager. He looks at some of the goods being sold. He leaves some things to sell. 

21:00Copy video clip URL Ben does a segment called “ChicagoLand As Is.” He gets into a random car on the street, and asks them about their lives and the city. 

23:28Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

24:30Copy video clip URL Ben visits a mortgage building with the word “Perfection” etched in the stone. He returns to the flea market and talks to more patrons. 

25:30Copy video clip URL Ben closes the show. P.O Box. Credits. 

26:47Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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