Ben Loves Chicago 9713

Episode of Ben Loves Chicago. Ben visits a computer entertainment center, a young Frank Sinatra impersonator, the House of Blues, and a warehouse store.

0:00Copy video clip URL Episode title information. 

0:28Copy video clip URL Ben Loves Chicago introduction. 

1:14Copy video clip URL Ben visits a computer information and entertainment center called Screenz. He talks to the manager, and about the point of the center. He talks to some of the people using the internet in the center. They talk about the cost of using the internet per hour. 

4:41Copy video clip URL Ben visits the home of a kid who impersonates Frank Sinatra when he sings. They talk about music in the family, and how he started impersonating. They go to a horse track where he sings the national anthem before the race. The kid talks about meeting Frank Sinatra. 

9:30Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

10:30Copy video clip URL Ben does an Instant Talk Show Segment on a street corner. He talks to pedestrians about their jobs, love lives, why they are out on the streets, and what they think of Chicago.

14:50Copy video clip URL Ben attends a gospel brunch at the House of Blues. He talks to the director about the event, tries some of the food, and talks to some of the attendees. He speaks to some of the choir members from all over the country. Footage of choirs performing. 

18:58Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

19:58Copy video clip URL Ben visits the Creative Use Warehouse. He speaks to the owner, who explains that the warehouse collects used items that can be reused instead of being thrown away. They talk about the organization, look at some of the goods, and the philosophy of the organization. He says most things in the warehouse are three dollars a bag. The owner talks about how they also compost and create community gardens around the city. He talks to a couple customers. 

24:08Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

25:08Copy video clip URL P.O. Box. Ben closes the show. Credits. 

26:11Copy video clip URL Video ends. 

26:16Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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