Ben Loves Chicago 9804

In Ben Loves Chicago, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat parts of Chicagoland. This week he visits: America's Cardboard Cup Regatta in Crystal Lake, BLC superfan Marlin Millhouse, a sketching group in the Loop, and an incumbent biking club.

01:30Copy video clip URL Video begins with a title slide listing “Ben Loves Chicago, show #9804,” some other information, and is dated October 2nd, 1997. A second title slide declares that this program is the exclusive property of WPRWR-TV.

01:55Copy video clip URL The host of the show appears, welcoming viewers and making a play on the saying ‘trash into treasures.’ An intro sequence for the show then plays, with the host Ben a prominent feature. In a montage of what will be shown in this episode, Ben notes “bizarre bikers, a cardboard boat race, lunchtime sketchers, and a Southside TV star.

02:35Copy video clip URL The first segment is from the Cardboard Boat Regatta, in which teams race for the “America’s Cardboard Cup.” Many scenes from the regatta follow, showing various ridiculous boats and their crews.

04:10Copy video clip URL Speaking about his boat, one man says that he worked for about eight weeks on construction.

04:45Copy video clip URL Ben is introduced to his boat, which he’s told “was made to sink.”

06:00Copy video clip URL Ben gets into his boat and begins racing, with general mayhem surrounding him. He eventually finishes, quickly tumbling from the boat and swimming ashore.

07:00Copy video clip URL The episode transitions to a nighttime scene, with Ben saying that he’s down on 159th street in the southern suburbs of Chicago. A man approaches Ben and introduces himself as Marlon Millhouse — and Ben’s number one fan. He then tells Ben that he started his own show, Marlon Loves Thornwood, based on Ben’s show. Marlon shows Ben into his house, where Ben meets Marlon’s parents and siblings.

07:45Copy video clip URL A brief clip from Marlon’s show is shown, and it’s clear that he is emulating Ben’s quirky documentarian style. Marlon’s mom commends his son’s work, and the 17-year-old Marlon tells that he plans to work in broadcast journalism after college.

08:25Copy video clip URL The show transitions to Hollywood Park in Lansing, IL, which is a family entertainment area. Marlon says that he likes to ride the go-karts, Marlon and Ben then interview Lisa from the Hollywood Park, with Ben exclaiming that he thinks Marlon is stealing his job. Marlon and Ben continue to mill around the park, interviewing people and fooling around as they go.

10:15Copy video clip URL Ben interviews Chris, whose grandfather started the Park in 1956.

11:10Copy video clip URL The show cuts to darkness.

12:20Copy video clip URL The show returns with a segment called “As Is,” where Ben checks in with a plumber who is working to prep a worksite for bricklayers, just one step in the construction of a new strip mall. Ben interviews various members of the crew, all of whom speak about their respective jobs.

15:20Copy video clip URL The show transitions again to a segment on the lunchtime sketchers with Ben arriving in the building where Joel Bergman has based his group of sketchers. Bergman says that it wasn’t his idea to form the group, but that he was inspired by the architecture in Chicago to do so.

17:00Copy video clip URL Ben speaks with several members of the group, with several echoing the sentiment that sketching like this is a great reprieve from the workday. Several others speak about their jobs as architects and how that intersects with their drawings. One sketcher speaks about how drawing makes him feel free like a child again.

19:45Copy video clip URL The show again fades to black.

20:55Copy video clip URL The show returns, with Ben examining recumbent bikers. Ben speaks with various members of the riders group, each one having their own personal reasons for riding these sorts of bikes. Several of the members note that they have built their own bikes.

23:00Copy video clip URL One member notes how fast the bikes are, saying that he has been pulled over several times for speeding. Another notes that upright bikes can create impotence in men, which incumbent bikes cannot.

25:30Copy video clip URL The show cuts to black.

26:20Copy video clip URL The show returns with instructions for contributions to the show, as well as a preview for an upcoming episode of the shower.

27:10Copy video clip URL The credits roll, with Marlon’s show playing behind them.

27:36Copy video clip URL The tape fades to black and ends.



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