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In Ben Loves Chicago, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat parts of Chicagoland. This week, he visits: Deer Path Animal Haven in Batavia, Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown, a black historic memorabilia store, Blue Man Group, and a tango club.

0:28Copy video clip URL Color bars. Slate. 

1:55Copy video clip URL Ben Loves Chicago opening. 

2:38Copy video clip URL Ben visits Batavia to see the Deer Path Animal Haven. He talks with the owners about how many animals they have, how they come to live at the animal haven, and Ben interacts with some of the animals. 

6:57Copy video clip URL Ben does an Instant Talk Show segment at the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. He interviews marching bands, some people who have come to Chicago from China, and people standing to watch the parade. He asks them if they are like tigers, the animal of this Chinese New Year. 

11:39Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

12:39Copy video clip URL Ben visits a crafts store that sells black historic memorabilia. He talks to the shops owner and they look at various merchandise. They talk about some black historic traditions. 

16:29Copy video clip URL Ben visits Randolph, Vermont, his mother’s hometown, and the hometown of one member of the Blue Man Group. He attends one of the shows of the Blue Man Group in Chicago. He talks to the members of the group while they are putting on their makeup. He also speaks to the house manager and some of the audience members. 

20:50Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

21:50Copy video clip URL Ben visits a tango dancing club. The owner explains that they teach Argentine Tango, and host tangoing events. He speaks to some dancers, and they tell him the history of the dance. 

25:25Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

26:25Copy video clip URL P.O. Box. Ben closes the episode. Credits. 

27:40Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

27:54Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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