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In Ben Loves Chicago, which ran for three years on Chicago network WPWR, host Ben Hollis showcases offbeat, niche, parts of “Chicagoland”. This week he visits: bootcamp for the Navy and Marines, the comedy club "The Map Room", and a military supplies store.

0:30Copy video clip URL Color bars. Episode information screen. 

2:00Copy video clip URL Ben Loves Chicago introduction Sequence. 

2:37Copy video clip URL Ben visits a fitness bootcamp that does hour long intense workouts without equipment. Ben talks with instructors, a former Marine Corp and former Navy member. He talks to some of the participants. 

6:35Copy video clip URL Ben visits the House of Monsters and does an Instant Talk Show segment. He talks to the curator and employees about what they store offers, and then he talks to some of the customers. He asks about the importance of the store, and why people are there. 

11:03Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

12:03Copy video clip URL Ben visits a Military and Police supply store. He talks to the owner about the excess police and military clothing and items from wars throughout USA history and different eras of Chicago police. He talks to several regulars who shop in the store. 

16:20Copy video clip URL Ben visits The Map Room to see a stand up comedy show. He talks to some of the comics, and the owner of the club. He watches them perform, and talks to some of the audience members. They watch a comedy poet/rapper. 

20:28Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

21:28Copy video clip URL Ben rides in a taxi with a guy that runs a matchmaking service. He explains how this works, and Ben talks to people why they ride in the taxi. They look through his matchmaking book. 

25:19Copy video clip URL Cut to black. 

26:19Copy video clip URL P.O. box and phone number. Ben closes the show. Credits. 

27:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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