[Benson Hedges Blues Fest, tape 1]

Performances and interviews from the Benson Hedges Blues Fest captured by Barry Dolins.

00:00Copy video clip URL In and out footage of John Campbell’s performance.

00:22Copy video clip URL John Campbell performance continues and footage of the crowd is shown.

16:19Copy video clip URL Interview with John Campbell. He discusses playing guitar, living in New York, and influences on his music. “When I heard [Lightnin’ Hopkins], I figured that’s what guitar is supposed to sound like,” Campbell says.

21:00Copy video clip URL Otis “Big Smokey” Smothers’s performance and crowd footage.

63:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Big Smokey and his piano player. Smokey talks about who he’s played with, future recording, and his current album.

66:00Copy video clip URL Introduction to Benson Hedges Blues Fest discusses performers and the roots of Blues. “The root of African American tradition, that gave us Blues which Willie Dixon says gave us the true stories of life,” he says. He introduce Revs. Leon Pinson and Elder Wilson.

68:00Copy video clip URL Revs. Leon Pinson and Elder Wilson perform, one plays the guitar and sings, while the other plays harmonica.

97:00Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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