[Berkeley In The Sixties fundraising trailer]

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. An early promo for a feature documentary. The tape consists of historical footage and interview clips with key players in the political movement at UC-Berkeley in the 1960s.

00:20Copy video clip URL Title. Berkeley in the Sixties

00:27Copy video clip URL Clips from HUAC Hearings, San Francisco 1960. William Mandel [incorrectly identified as Bob] and Archie Brown refuse to answer questions. Brown is taken by police.

01:00Copy video clip URL Anne Weills talks about protesting outside the hearings and getting beat up by the cops. We see footage of people being pushed and pulled down the stairs by the police. Frank Bardacke talks about the footage.

01:45Copy video clip URL Footage of folksinger singing about communism: “Communism is on the rise and Satan has a new disguise.” Bardacke talks about the “revolutionary impulse” in America at that point in time.

02:49Copy video clip URL Mario Savio says that “in Mississippi they had a taste of reality, which was so different from the unreality of the 50s… The same thing happened on campus.” Clips from the Free Speech Movement 1964. “We all been raised on sitcoms and canned laughter and now it it wasn’t like that at all, we had to make up the rules as we went along.” Clips of Savio speaking in 1964 at UC Berkeley.

05:00Copy video clip URL Clip of Clark Kerr at the Greek Theater, December 1964, and Savio being dragged off stage at UC Berkeley.

05:43Copy video clip URL Clips of Ronald Reagan’s Gubernatorial campaign speech from May 1966. “Here a small minority of beatniks, radicals, and filthy speech advocates have brought shame on a great University.”

06:07Copy video clip URL Clips from Stop the Draft Week, October 1967. “We were going to actively try to stop the war, not publicize it, not bear witness against it, but actually stop it. We were totally unprepared for what happened.” Footage of riots and people getting beaten by police. The National Guard is called in. Bardacke: “When I went to the demonstration on Tuesday, I was wearing tennis shoes. When I came back on Thursday, I was wearing work boots. I came there on Tuesday to run, and I came on Thursday to fight.”

09:26Copy video clip URL Clips from People’s Park, 1969. Revolutionaries take over a piece of land in Berkeley and try to make it in to a park. We see them transporting sod. “We did it in a Disneyland-like atmosphere, but we took state property and we said, ‘We got it, it’s ours, if you want it back you’re going to have to fight for it.’ And we did, and they took it back.”

10:36Copy video clip URL Weills: “Revolution is the only solution. Rock and roll and fighting in the streets, that was the essence of politics.”

11:09Copy video clip URL Savio: “there were lots of revolutions in the ’60s, a revolution a minute… things started to take on a kind of unreality.”

11:37Copy video clip URL End


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  1. Fischbyne says:

    Bob Mandel did not appear before HUAC in 1960. That is William Mandel, a Berkeley non-professor who hovered on the edge of campus.

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