[Bernard Epton mayoral spots]

1983 Bernard Epton mayoral campaign spots. "Epton for Mayor: Before it's too Late."

0:00Copy video clip URL “Epton” Epton lists his priorities: keeping a lid on taxes, strengthening the police, and bringing more jobs to Chicago.

0:49Copy video clip URL “Which One” Smear against Mayor Washington, highlighting Washington’s legal entanglements

1:40Copy video clip URL “Guilty” Again notes Mayor Washington’s legal entanglements

2:30Copy video clip URL “Issues” Epton claims he is the ‘only one talking sense’ in this race

3:24Copy video clip URL “All the Way” Citizens on the street say that Jane Byrne had her chance, and now it is time to vote for Epston

4:24Copy video clip URL “Bang up Job” Citizens on the street talk about Epton’s integrity, and Mayor Washington’s downfalls.

5:53Copy video clip URL “That’s for Sure” Another variation on the ‘All the Way’¬†commercial

6:42Copy video clip URL “Asking for the Order” Epton asks citizens to help him give back to Chicago

7:30Copy video clip URL “Who Can do the Job?” Epton asserts that the race should not be about race or religion, but about which candidate can best do the job.

8:20Copy video clip URL “Speaking Out” A voice-over talks about how Epton has clearly outlined his positions on many key issues.

9:10Copy video clip URL “Epton’s the Man” A voice-over talks about all of Epton’s accomplishments throughout his lifetime.

9:55Copy video clip URL End



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