[From Beta 3 – Fern Dale Interview]

[Continuation of tape 17303].

0:27Copy video clip URL Tape starts. Will Clinger interviews Fern Dale about her days in Vaudeville. She describes her act. He asks what she misses about Vaudeville, and she replies that she misses the glamour, the people, and the theaters. 

3:00Copy video clip URL They change the camera angle, and Clinger records some of the questions he has already asked her.

5:50Copy video clip URL From the same angle, Clinger asks her to explain the history of the pin she’s wearing. She said that it was given to her by Johnny Cash, and she talks about some of the people she worked with. 

7:14Copy video clip URL Old photos from Dale’s life as a performer. No audio. Camera focuses on different parts of each photo and zooms out.

21:22Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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