Bicentennial Golf Cart Parade

The July 4, 1977 America’s Bicentennial Golf Cart Parade in Whispering Pines, NC.

00:00Copy video clip URL Gray.

00:19Copy video clip URL A young man comes into focus. He’s inside a house, reading.

00:49Copy video clip URL Black. Videographer starts rolling again, learning the camera. Practices finding exposure and focus. They are outside following a line of golf carts. The cart drivers are preparing for a ride in a parade. Random shots of the carts, people in a parking lot preparing for the parade. The videographer, in a car, is riding down a highway towards the start of the parade. They drive around a parking lot shooting b-roll of the line of golf carts.

07:05Copy video clip URL Videographer puts the camera down, but the tape still rolls. Gray.

07:28Copy video clip URL Static shot of a lonely road in a rural setting. A car passes by. The videographer chit chats with someone else. The parade of cars comes into the frame, moving slow. The cars pass the camera in succession: private automobiles, fire engine, police car, ambulance, vans, and golf carts decked out in balloons. As the carts pass, the drivers throw out candy to the crowd. The parade is rounded off by a jeep and a man on a horse.

12:41Copy video clip URL The parade passes the sparse crowd. The videographer calls out: “Hey, Dad! Where do you think we can catch them again?” “The other side of the light.” The tape rolls.

13:31Copy video clip URL Interview with a parade attendee, a young man. How did you like the parade? “I did like it. I didn’t know quite what to expect.” Were you surprised about the number of blacks on the parade? “I was sort of surprised. I haven’t seen a lot of them around here. There were a lot more than I expected.” When asked what he thinks about the naysayers that have been saying this much excitement for a small town isn’t good, the man responds: “I don’t go along with that at all. Most of these people worked hard and they want their fun. A few times a year it doesn’t hurt to dress up the old golf carts.” He says he liked the Anderson family car the best, there was a pregnant lady in it. There was one with a man wearing a red, white and blue hat and jacket. The one with the girl singing God Bless America was all right. He says he didn’t expect the ones that threw out candy. He says he would have like the parade to have lasted about 5 minutes longer. But the pace was good. He says this is the first time he’s seen the parade, but he’ll be back next year. The videographer notes to passersby that the parade just went past and it will return in 30 minutes. The camera rolls on the interviewee as the videographer talks with the passersby. The audio is unintelligible.

17:00Copy video clip URL The man says he’s looking forward to the parade coming back. He leaves the frame. John Anderson sits in the chair for a new interview. He says he liked the parade. The cars looked different. There was a woman in Revolutionary War garb, and bathing beauties from 1927. The videographer asks if they can get Captain Kangaroo to host next year’s parade. “He’s busy,” the man says. “You have to get in touch with him well in advance.” When asked about the patriotic spirit, he man says, “It’s 1977. Spirit is often laughed at and ridiculed. I liked the carts that threw candy.” They talk about the various decorations on the carts. One had Spirit of ’76 written on it. Happy faces on the hub caps. Red, white and blue on the steering wheel. This is more than a parade. It’s a spirit.

20:17Copy video clip URL Someone interrupts and wants to be on camera. Two teenagers, Brad and Anita, pull up in a pick up truck and chit chat. The teen boy says, “This is the best girlfriend I ever had. The best looking girl I’ve had in a long time. This is Anita Polston.”

22:22Copy video clip URL The boy drives off. The camera continues to rolls unattended as the videographer and his partner chat.

22:54Copy video clip URL B-roll of the parade returning from the opposite direction. Same order of fire truck, police car, ambulance (blasting sirens), and decorated private cars and golf carts.

27:55Copy video clip URL Videographer cuts. New shot opens on kids on a parked golf cart posing for camera. They are dressed as 1927 bathing beauties. They giggle and are shy. “I hope we’re not on TV!” They say their names: “Belinda Matthews; I’m fourteen.” “No comment.” “Amy Alison; I’m thirteen.” They says are from Whispering Pines Swim Club. When asked if there’s much for kids to do around here, they comment: play tennis, ride bikes, go to the pool. The movies. They drive off in their golf cart.

32:18Copy video clip URL END



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