[Big City Broadcast Demo with Will Clinger]

0:21Copy video clip URL Color bars. “Big City Broadcast” info screen. 

1:00Copy video clip URL “Big City Broadcast” introduction. Host Paul Barrosse plays practical jokes on people on the streets of Chicago, asking them to read fake news broadcasts.

4:36Copy video clip URL Commercial break. Show returns. Chicago citizens sing famous songs with their voices affected by helium. 

6:20Copy video clip URL Will Clinger pranks couples getting their marriage licenses. 

9:05Copy video clip URL Voice dubbing over people around the city. Commercial break. 

10:45Copy video clip URL Barrosse dresses up random people from the street in rock n’ roll costumes. 

13:05Copy video clip URL Clinger does a ‘street doctor’ bit on the streets. Elevator music prank. Commercial break. 

18:19Copy video clip URL Continuation of the marriage license prank. Comedy blue man group. Conclusion of show. Credits.

22:20Copy video clip URL Video ends. 



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