Bill Goes to Iowa: Tape 1

Camera original footage from the Iowa caucuses in the 1996 presidential election.

00:00Copy video clip URL Preparations for a Bob Dole rally on a farm in Iowa.

05:21Copy video clip URL Young volunteers lead a chant for Bob Dole.

08:30Copy video clip URL Bob Dole arrives at the campaign event and is swarmed with supporters and the media.

16:28Copy video clip URL Beginning of Buchanan for President rally in Story City, IA. “Pat Buchanan is the Ronald Reagan of 1996.”

18:50Copy video clip URL Buchanan takes the stage with his wife and nephew. “My objective is to make America a constitutional republic again.” His stump speech addresses voter concerns about outsourcing and educational standards.

27:10Copy video clip URL Janelle Coals, a local woman critical of Buchanan’s anti-gay sentiments, speaks to the press about finding Buchanan campaign literature in her church parking lot. “I will be supporting Bill Clinton.”

29:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan and his wife are approached by reporters in a parking lot, and asked questions about foreign policy. “Europeans ought to take more responsibility for their ground defense,” he says, in response to a series of questions about NATO and the Balkan crisis.

30:54Copy video clip URL A Buchanan campaign volunteer calls potential voters to let them know that they have the opportunity to talk to the candidate on his 1-800 line.

34:00Copy video clip URL Steve Forbes is swarmed by reporters in a hotel parking lot.

36:45Copy video clip URL Forbes addresses Iowans the night before the caucus. “There are no short-cuts in a democracy.”

40:39Copy video clip URL A musician warms up the crowd at a Lamar Alexander rally.

46:45Copy video clip URL Alexander holds up a pair of mud boots and announces his intent to run a “positive campaign.” Footage cuts out briefly.

50:00Copy video clip URL Alexander explains the Christian Coalition’s “worry and concern about the breakdown of the American family.”

59:34Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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