Bill Goes to Iowa: Tape 3

Camera original footage of the 1996 Iowa caucuses. This tape features footage of the Lamar Alexander and Phil Gramm campaigns in February 1996.

00:13Copy video clip URL Actors entertain the crowd a Rotary Club reception for Phil Gramm in Mason City, IA.

03:28Copy video clip URL Gramm explains that he is campaigning in Iowa instead of Louisiana because voters tend to see the Louisiana primaries as “a semi-final”.

05:13Copy video clip URL Reporters ask Gramm about how Forbes’ increased popularity impacts his campaign. Senator Gramm explains that Steve Forbes has spent four times the spending limit on his own campaign–a criticism that is echoed by Lamar Alexander later in the tape.

06:15Copy video clip URL “I want less government and more freedom. I wouldn’t want the government right now in Washington even if it were absolutely free.”

08:45Copy video clip URL Gramm speaks about his history in government and his opposition to Clinton’s proposed healthcare reform. “I did not come to Washington to be loved.” Gramm advocates to shift US foreign policy and military spending “in light of the world we live in, in light of the press we have”, and proposes steps to modernizing the military.

12:48Copy video clip URL Gramm plans to eliminate the Department of Education, and place the bulk of educational decision-making power in the hands of local school boards and parents. “Education is too important to be controlled by the federal government.”

16:00Copy video clip URL Senator Gramm discusses the Buchanan and Keyes campaigns.

18:45Copy video clip URL Iowa and New Hampshire are “the two places, in this presidential process, where reality still exists.”

22:02Copy video clip URL Lamar Alexander: “This is a race for the chief executive of the United States, and I’m the only governor running.”

24:28Copy video clip URL Alexander talks about a recent senate bill banning weapons in public schools.

30:15Copy video clip URL Lamar Alexander plays Irving Berlin tunes for the audience.

34:30Copy video clip URL Alexander serves breakfast to supporters at a campaign event.

37:21Copy video clip URL Alexander tells the crowd that he has spent more time than any other candidate in Iowa, and then speaks to the press about the Forbes and Perot campaigns. “It’s like have a water pistol fight in order to determine who’s going to be president of the block, and having some rich kid with a machine gun come in and wanna play…in terms of spending, we ought to find a way in this country to put a limit on what the zillionaires can spend on their own behalf.”

40:16Copy video clip URL Alexander speaks to the “level playing field” created by the Iowa caucus, and responds to a question from the press about whether or not he would spend 70 days campaigning in any other state. “Every time you regulate something, you get an unintended result.”

42:10Copy video clip URL ¬†Footage from the 1996 New Horizons Conference, sponsored by agricultural businesses in Iowa. Senator Gramm responds to questions from the press about the Forbes campaign, and his own grassroots campaign. “Having supporters has a bigger impact [than spending],” he insists.

46:56Copy video clip URL Senator Gramm addresses the New Horizons crowd, stressing the need for agricultural research and job creation. “Nobody wants a farm bill more than I do, because my planters are being affected first.”

48:45Copy video clip URL “I’ll balance the budget the way you balance your family budget: by saying no, no, and no in Washington, you can say ‘yes’ at your kitchen table.”

52:10Copy video clip URL Reporters huddle around Lamar Alexander. One man asks, “Governor, does it concern you that Iowa has become much more of a media campaign than it traditionally is?” “Well it does concern me, but I’m glad it’s Iowa and I’m glad it’s New Hampshire. There are a great many Iowans who are still undecided, which means to me that they’re tuning out these negative ads and they’re trying to sort through who’d make the best first president of the next century.”

57:23Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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