[Bill Stamets’ New Hampshire #2]

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Raw footage of the 1992 New Hampshire Democratic Primary campaigns.

0:00 Bars and tone.

1:08 People read flyers that are hanging from tree branches. People whistle.

1:39 We talk to a man who is holding a sign saying ” hanks to our politicians, the USA is self-destructing.”

2:24 Footage of demonstration. It appears to be a clash between conservative Christians and people protesting them. Man writes “shame” all over a wall. The protest seems to be related to Bush’s inaction in the war on AIDS.

4:28 We talk to man in striped suit who is waving to passing cars. He talks about wanting to get more people involved in politics.

5:16 Room with tons of video equipment. Audio gets very quiet. Man appears to be the one who organizes media coverage of candidates in joint effort between the net works. Claims that because of this pool, they are able to cover more marginal candidates that would otherwise be ignored.

10:17 Shot of the man in striped suit again. Another man points us to Herbert Clark, who is running for president. One protester rebukes our cameraman for not having a press pass.

14:30 David, new age writer, in Manchester shows us new age entertainment, which is supposed to give us an awareness of technology. He is running for president as a write-in candidate for the New Age party.

16:45 David talks about the impact of television on the American psyche. He want s to create new programs that speak of love and gra e and tolerance and peace etc.

17:37 Sign says “Save Jobs Tax Pot.”

17:55 Preparation for television interview in studio. No sound. Man interviews Boston college professor.

19:35 Bush supporters shout “Four More Years.” A man asks a police officer for directions. Footage of the presidential debate is projected backwards.

21:26 Tsongas for President signs. A jazz band plays on stage.

22:32 Preparation for Ralph Nader interview at WMUR-TV studio. The news anchor reports the news and then interviews Nader remotely from across the room.

25:32 Some sort of meeting.

26:40 Exteriors. We follow a man around.

27:40 Ralph Nader reading Philadelphia Inquirer on bench. The headline is “America: What Went Wrong?.” Photographers chat and joke.

29:55 Tom Harkin, senator from Iowa, gives speech. Woman translates the speech into sign language. He talks his background – his mother grew up in a stone hut in Yugoslavia. He talks about the great odds he has overcome to get where he is.

33:00 Shots of the library at Winnacunnet High School, flags.

33:54 Shot out window of airplane.

34:24 We talk to kids holding Clinton signs on the street.

35:00 Bill Clinton outside of factory talking about his policy towards small businesses. He holds a Clinton canvas tote bag that was made there. Clinton is forced to repeatedly walk back and forth with a bag for photographers.

37:42 Clinton giving speech talking about his optimistic view of America and about tax cuts.

38:50 Clinton answers questions from the press.

39:40 Clinton plays billiards. Other players advise him on shots.

40:23 Jimmy’s House of Pizza. Clinton orders pizza. George Stephanopoulos walks by. Clinton walks in the back room to greet employees. Clinton talks on the phone.

43:00 Clinton talks to the press about his policies.

44:00 Shots of reporters scribbling.

45:15 Clinton gives speech and talks about positive things he did for farmers in Arkansas.

46:16 Clinton giving same speech, talking about his ability to create a national strategy and unite America. He relates a charming anecdote.

48:54 Clinton in bar chatting with people.

49:30 People cheer for Clinton. George Stephanopolos and George Lindsay walk around in front. A group picture is taken.

51:46 Bob Kerrey greets supporters.

53:22 Kerrey walks to car after talking to a family at their home. Reporters then interview the family.

55:45 Whig Drive. A dog barks at us from behind a fence. Exteriors.

56:20 Kerrey walks across bridge over river. Photographers ask him to pose by a pot hole.

58:08 Man holds Tsongas sign along a busy road. Man tells us about the idea of “visibility” and its value in political strategy.

59:35 Bill Clinton signs on mailbox. Man reads newspaper with Clinton photo on cover.

1:00:38 Clinton talks to people in another room. Audio gets very quiet.

1:01:49 Clinton bowling at Lena Lanes.

1:02:14 End of tape.



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