[Bill Stamets’ New Hampshire #4]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Raw footage of the 1992 New Hampshire Democratic Primary campaigns.

0:00 Harkin signs a photo and makes an inscription to someone named “Joe” at the bar of a grill. People who look like campaign staffers walk around. He is at Nick Detini’s Luncheonette in Nashua, New Hampshire, and he visits with many people at the restaurant.

3:55 A flier about Harkin coming for breakfast at Nick Detini’s, and Harkin eating at another diner, Brother’s Deli and Restaurant. He greats people of Nashua. Harkin walks down the street for a photo op and talks to a newsperson. Harkin takes exception to the idea that the race is becoming a two person race.

8:21 Cameraman walks upstairs to a Harkin event. Harkin thanks a local supporter by name for help. Harkin talks to the crowd: “My Daddy always told me, the best social program is a job.” He speaks out against the greedy messages of Republican candidates. A book sits on his desk called, “Getting Elected.” He gives a historical speech talking about Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt.

20:45 End of speech. Harkin talks to some reporters about being in third place, and the trade deficit.

23:17 Harkin talks to a group of high school students in their student library. A couple of the students seem excited that he’s there but a little skeptical. The students look unimpressed.

31:24 Harkin talks to students after the formal question and answer session.

36:00 Harkin sits down and talks with a young student about her problems. She stays for a photo op.

38:55 Photos of a flag waving outside Winnacunnet High School.

39:35 Harkin talks to an older woman and other customers at another local restaurant.

40:17 Harkin talks to the press about the same old issues.

50:17 A New Hampshire man talks about New England voters.

53:47 A young girl talks about experiencing the primaries in New Hampshire.

1:01:28 End of tape.



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