[Bill Stamets’ New Hampshire Primary 1992]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Shot outside airplane window as plane prepares to land.  Exterior of Manchester Airport.  Miscellaneous shots, like of American flag, statue, animal footprints. On bus driving through something that looks like a college campus.

4:24 Life-sized cardboard cutout of George Bush at the Republican headquarters. Shots of other things there, like statues of elephants. New Hampshire primary, February 18 1991.

6:12 Democratic headquarters. Guy talks to old man about upcoming activities. We see the Clinton staff wish list.

8:05 Map with black, red, and blue pins on it in different locations. More exteriors – the Capital Dome in Concord.

9:11 Sign for Kerrey. Exterior of Bee Prepared store, which seems to stock survival supplies. Concord Academy of design.

10:28 Men stand out on street with Clinton signs harrassing people.

13:03 Map of New Hampshire. Clinton at factory where people are printing Clinton canvas bags. He talks to employees who are sewing.

15:37 Clinton outside the factory. Talks about the company – says this type of company is creating new jobs in our country. Says the future of manufacturing is small businesses. He says that as governor, he tried to help small businesses like this one find financing. He then claims that the democrats are committed to affordable healthcare for all Americans. He is forced to repeatedly walk back and forth with a bag for photographers.

20:55 Clinton operates machine that transfers gas between tanks. Man explains how it works to him. Greets employees in the factory. Talks about a particular plant that is having trouble getting funding.

15:28 Photo-op outside building. Clinton gets in car. Clinton extremely polite to photographers who are blocking his way.

26:58 John F Kennedy memorial statue in front of City Hall.

28:15 Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska. He talks to the press about manufacturing laws. He answers the questions of reporters. He greets supporters.

35:00 Clinton giving speech. Tells charming anecdote about an encounter in a restaurant in Nashua. He then announces his incentive plan to give tax cuts to new business owners. He then answers questions from reporters. One topic is privitazation of health care.

43:37 Closeups of Clinton’s mouth as he talks.

44:19 Workmen’s club. Clinton greets people and plays shuffleboard with some men. Then plays billiards. He gets advice on strategy from the other players.

50:54 Harrah’s casino. Clinton talks to card players. He talks about playing pinochle with his father-in-law.

52:13 Closeups of pool balls. People leave. Veterans of Foreign Wars seal on war. Clinton looks through jukebox and selects music. He talks about the Natalie Cole song where she is dubbed singing with her father. Song plays while video is black.

54:21 Other shots around the V.F.W. bar.

54:55 Jimmy’s House of Pizza. Clinton orders pizza for the group. He then goes in the back and greets employees. Talks on the phone.

58:55 End of tape.



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