[Bill Veeck #6 at Powell’s Bookstore]

Footage of Bill Veeck and Mike Leiderman in Powell's Book Store in Hyde Park, March 13, 1981. They discuss Charles van Loan, Grantland Rice, Larry Ritter, and Veeck's own book.

00:04Copy video clip URL Color bars, audio from inside Powell’s Books.

00:31Copy video clip URL Veeck inside Powell’s Books, Hyde Park.

1:05Copy video clip URL Veeck intro: “I am in one of my favorite places, Powell’s Bookstore.” They do several takes of the intro.

1:53Copy video clip URL In the sports section with Mike Leiderman.

2:55Copy video clip URL They discuss Charles van Loan who worked at the L.A. Examiner. Granny Rice called him “the best.”

3:45Copy video clip URL “Chivalry in Carmen County.”

4:40Copy video clip URL “Old Man Curry.”

5:35Copy video clip URL Leiderman: “Every story is different.”

6:10Copy video clip URL Larry Ritter, who collected oral history from early baseball players in a book called “The Glory of Their Times.”

9:05Copy video clip URL Susanne Lingland’s book about the Black Sox scandal.

9:20Copy video clip URL Veeck’s “Thirty Tons a Day.”

9:33Copy video clip URL Outro. Headed to the saloon.

11:35Copy video clip URL They go through more books together.

12:27Copy video clip URL Second take, but with a different introduction–they pick up and discuss Ritter’s book again.

16:20Copy video clip URL Veeck’s book and outro.

17:04Copy video clip URL Veeck: “There’s so much fun in these things [book stores].”Veeck and Leiderman chat.

19:51Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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