[Bill Veeck #7 at Powell’s Bookstore]

Camera original footage of Bill Veeck and Mike Leiderman in Powell's Book Store in Hyde Park, March 13, 1981. They discuss Jim Brosnan's "tell-all" book, what personality has to do with performance, and the utility of salary incentives in relation to performance. There are several close-up shots of books.

00:03Copy video clip URL Color bars, audio from inside Powell’s Books.

00:44Copy video clip URL Leiderman and Veeck inside Powell’s.

1:41Copy video clip URL Opening take, Leiderman introduces Jim Brosnan’s “The Lost Season.”

2:00Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Started a whole trend in sports literature…there was a certain amount of honesty to it…”

2:28Copy video clip URL Leiderman: “Kiss and tell is the wrong expression…the book is a lot classier than that.” They talk about Brosnan, his book and other books written by players.

4:04Copy video clip URL Leiderman to Veeck: “you have said that this book says too much.” Veeck: “You’re trapped between what is honest…I wished we had dressed it up…we were so determined to destroy heroes…”

5:13Copy video clip URL Leiderman: “I wonder whether we’re passed this [scrutinizing personalities]…I don’t care if a guy violates squirrels if he can bat .300.”

6:10Copy video clip URL Veeck: “What we need right now is to say, ‘Hey, isn’t that great?'”

6:41Copy video clip URL “So long as we make a fetish of dollars…” Veeck provides a good argument against paying ballplayers to play outside their limits.

8:20Copy video clip URL Outro.

8:26Copy video clip URL Cut to close-ups of “The Glory of Their Times” by Larry Ritter.

10:29Copy video clip URL Close-up of Suzanne Lenglen’s “Lawn Tennis.”

10:59Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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