[Bill Veeck and Dave Nightingale for Time Out]

Bill Veeck and David Nightingale for Time Out discussing sports.

00:03Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:29Copy video clip URL Open to Veeck and Nightingale at the bar. Multiple takes for opening and introduction to the show.

2:00Copy video clip URL Discussion about the National Football League and the United States Football League’s inception, longevity, and their appearance on television.

4:49Copy video clip URL Lights turn out.

5:05Copy video clip URL Retake segment from the beginning.

6:00Copy video clip URL Nightingale: “I’m no bellwether, but for the first time this season I was bored by football.”

7:04Copy video clip URL Nightingale: “Bill, you’re used to shucking and jiving with peanuts to pay for a season in baseball, but [in the NFL] the whole budget is paid before the first ball is inflated for spring training.”

7:51Copy video clip URL Discussion of instant replay.

8:50Copy video clip URL Veeck: “No shows” in the NFL were “management buying up tickets they couldn’t sell.”

10:03Copy video clip URL Veeck: “This becomes worrisome for football, because maybe it doesn’t fit in with the times.”

10:18Copy video clip URL Nightingale brings up Beirut and “violent times.” He refers to Vietnam in the larger sense of history repeating itself.

11:11Copy video clip URL Discussion of the purpose of USFL–competition, absorption, buy-out?

12:40Copy video clip URL Retake from the beginning.

14:18Copy video clip URL Nightingale: “It’s just like baseball–You’ve got some suckers out there with money and whether it’s out of civic pride, you’ve got lambs out there…”

15:30Copy video clip URL Veeck “I think the seeds of disaster [in the NFL] were sewn many years ago…”

16:50Copy video clip URL Nightingale: “You’re saying that football has become a studio sport.”

17:15Copy video clip URL Discussion of sports being subservient to television.

17:34Copy video clip URL Outro.

17:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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