[Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #10]

Raw footage of Bill Veeck at O'Leary's for Bill Veeck's Saloon. Continuation of discussion about sports and baseball. Participants are noticeably inebriated (Veeck in particular).

00:06Copy video clip URL Conversation over color bars.

00:22Copy video clip URL Monotone over color bars.

00:41Copy video clip URL Open to Veeck, Bill Brashler, Waldo, and another man at the bar chatting about two players.

2:10Copy video clip URL Discussion about Carlton Fisk and other catchers.

4:35Copy video clip URL Long discussion about Johnny Bench. Veeck shows his wooden leg.

8:55Copy video clip URL Veeck, in response to Bench’s drop in skill and “lazy effort”: “I think he’s a whore.”

10:56Copy video clip URL Veeck: “When you say you’ll do something and you take my money to do it then you are entitled to do it.” Describes Bench as a blackmailer.

12:46Copy video clip URL Veeck gets upset about Bench’s contract: “Lousy, stinking creep.”

14:34Copy video clip URL Brashler: “Why do owners re-negotiate contracts?” Veeck: “…No longer a game any more. It’s about tax write-ups.”

17:07Copy video clip URL Brashler: “Have the owners created this monster?” Veeck: “Yes. Yes. We’ve been dumb.”

17:24Copy video clip URL Another man enters bar. Discussion turns back to De Paul vs. St. Joseph.

19:27Copy video clip URL Veeck: “You play somebody else’s game and you get creamed.”

23:10Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg takes a seat at the bar. Other people enter.

24:48Copy video clip URL Veeck walks off camera. Audio from bathroom.

25:20Copy video clip URL Conversation over color bars.

25:34Copy video clip URL Back at bar. Audio of basketball game over the conversation at bar.

26:43Copy video clip URL They watch the game on the television and turn back to bar. Continue conversation about Fisk.

29:02Copy video clip URL Veeck says that baseball is “no more fun.”

30:38Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Don’t you find athletes today quite different?” Man responding: “Yeah, they’re no more fun. You get the impression that they think they’re doing the fans a favor.” Discussion turns to recruitment and agents.

32:15Copy video clip URL Waldo: “I am dubious of Mark McGwire. No one has said no to him in three years…”

35:08Copy video clip URL Discussion of Reggie Jackson and Pete Rose.

38:54Copy video clip URL Veeck: “We like swashbucklers.”

40:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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