[Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #12]

Raw footage of Bill Veeck at O'Leary's for Bill Veeck's Saloon. Producer Tom Weinberg and Veeck continue inebriated conversation, now mostly just about the footage already shot.

00:06Copy video clip URL Weinberg and Veeck at bar.

00:22Copy video clip URL Color bars. Audio of conversation between them over color bars.

00:44Copy video clip URL Weinberg and Veeck discuss the footage. Veeck: “I think it’s unfair to suddenly give me three changes of pace in one day…”

2:13Copy video clip URL Black screen.

2:33Copy video clip URL Back. Veeck is intransigent.

3:32Copy video clip URL Veeck does outro. He is very inebriated.

4:30Copy video clip URL Second take. Slurring his words.

5:33Copy video clip URL Third take. “You’re so nice to have joined us tonight. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you…cause I’ma…keep from working….cause one thing you’ll get is an honest count…it may not be what you want to hear…but it will be what’s really happening…”

7:28Copy video clip URL Fourth take.

8:25Copy video clip URL Color bars. Audio of applause.

8:40Copy video clip URL Color bars with monotone audio.

9:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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